Welcome to the Magic Birding Bird Photo Circuit of Ecuador. The first of its kind in South America carefully designed to photograph the most iconic and spectacular bird species of Ecuador's 1700 birds species. The Magic Bird Photo Circuit visits Ecuador's most important and biologically-diverse bird photo locations including our 7 strategically located private birding reserves and our 4 award-winning Eco-lodges.


Classic Bird Photo Tours


Our main focus is for you take and absurd amount of dreamlike shots of hummingbirds, and other spectacular bird species like tanagers, toucans, and, barbets. through the most popular and modern bird photography techniques. Hummingbirds in-flight photography via multi-flash setup  has become one of the most highly anticipated features of bird photography in Ecuador, which, for good reason, we make sure to include it in all our bird photo tours. We provide full multi-flash equipment and your guide will make sure to set it up for you in the most productive locations. Every hummingbird location that we visit has an specialized area for multi-flash and another for photography with natural light.

We guarantee to take you to the most relevant and photography-qualified birds hides and bird feeding stations. In these locations, your guide will assure that your shots come as aesthetically beautiful as possible by setting-up captivating perches for birds to land on.

All our bird photography guides are also professional birders with more than 15 years in the field and they will come equipped with a playback, to conveniently draw birds to easy-to-walk locations and observation decks.  Every day, there will be optional moderate trail photography to look-out for harder species.

This trip is perfect for you if you are planning to bring a big telephoto lens, and, if one of your main focus is to get state-of-the-art hummingbird photos via multi-flash setups.


Our Bird Photo Tours  are relaxed with an easy level of difficulty. Small amount of  daily walking to the hummingbird feeders, bird feeding stations, and, special hides, where subjects will mostly be between 6 and 12 feet away. Optional moderate trail photography.