Welcome to the Magic Birding Birding & Bird Photo Circuit of Ecuador. The first of its kind in South America, carefully designed for birdwatchers and nature lovers seeking to see and opportunistically photograph the most amount of  Ecuador's 1700 bird species. The Magic Birding Circuit visits Ecuador's most important and biologically-diverse birding locations including our 7 strategically located private birding reserves and our 4 award-winning Birding Eco-lodges


Classic Birding Tours


Our birding trips are easy-to-moderate. Our relaxed and slow-paced hikes can go from 2 miles and optionally up to 4 miles per day. Your guide moves onto the next species on as soon as everybody in the group has genuinely seen each bird species. This type of tour is for you if you are a birdwatcher or a photographer who has an easy-to-carry camera to take bird shots on-the-go.

The Magic Birding Circuit of Ecuador Map 732